Michael McDonough | Architect


...a radical thinker with a ceaseless flair for experimentation.   Contract Design

Alan Sonfist, Sculptor.
Public Sculpture: Time Landscape, New York, New York, 1978
Alan Sonfist, Sculptor.
Public Sculpture: Earth Core Monuments. Morgan City, Louisiana, 1982
Alice Aycock, Sculptor.
Public Sculpture: Project Entitled, ‘The Beginnings of a Complex . . . ‘ Documenta, Kastle, West Germany, 1977
Aveda Corporation.
Sustainable Materials Data Base, New York, New York 1997
Catskill Center for Conservation and Development and Town of Phoenicia, New York.
Phoenicia Town Center Rehabilitation and Development Study. 2003-ongoing
CSI Associates and Steven Sprouse Fashion.
Showroom for Stephen Sprouse. New York City, 1988
CSI Associates and Steven Sprouse Fashion.
Showroom for Stephen Sprouse. Los Angeles, California, 1988
EcoSmart/Healthy Properties.
The ecoSmart Building Center. New York, New York, 1997
Eco-Village/SoNG Development.
Straw Bale Duplex. Ithaca, New York, 2001-2003
Frankfurt Airport Authority in association with Frogdesign, Inc. and Lufthansa German Airlines.
Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, 1996-1997
Formica Corporation/General Electric Corporation.
Nuvel Recyclable Plastics Traveling Exhibition. New York, New York and Chicago, Illinois, 1993
Knoll International.
“NY6: Conversations with Six Young Architects.” Video/Video Installation/American Institute of Architects Convention. New York, New York, 1988.
Lenox China.
Tableware Product Development. New York, New York, 1991
Lynda Benglis, Sculptor.
Public Sculpture: North, South, East, West. Chicago, Illinois, 1979
Meredith Corporation/Metropolitan Home and Tom Wolfe.
Metropolitan Home Showhouse for DIFFA, New York, New York, 1991
Ruder-Finn Inc
1991 Crown Royal Project, New York, New York, 1990-1991
Seaside Development Corporation.
Modular Vacation Cottages. Seaside, Florida, 1987-1992
Steuben Glass.
Decorative Glass Objects Product Development. Corning, New York, 1991
State of New York, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Arts for Transit Program.
Grand Windows. Public Art Installation for Grand Central Terminal, New York, New York, 1989.
VMS Realty Partners, Holly Solomon Gallery, and Izhar Patkin, Sculptor.
Public Sculpture: Don Quixote, Garden City, New York, 1988