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e-House is an experimental house of the future, a laboratory for living designed by award-winning architect Michael McDonough. A high-performance website-controlled building, it was developed with a team of engineers, scientists, environmentalists, and over 100 manufacturers.

Appearing first as a weblog, e-House is now being constructed in New York’s Hudson Valley. Exhibiting a dramatic new style, and using response to nature as generator of architectural form, it integrates advanced building products and systems with traditional materials and techniques. Emphasizing emerging life-styles, it is configured for distance computer control and e-commuting.

e-House has been widely published and will be the subject of an upcoming book.

Dwell: Intelligent Kitchen
e-House in Dwell's Intelligent Kitchen

"At his upstate New York home, known as the e-House, architect Michael McDonough is conducting an ongoing experiment in ecological awareness. In this video Michael takes us on a tour of his kitchen, the heart of any family home."

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Architecture: Nature
e-House in Architecture: Nature

“Michael McDonough has engaged in the design and construction of what may be the most ecologically aware structure in the world, his e-House.”
- Philip Jodidio, Architecture: Nature

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e-House feature on FINE LIVING TV's The Insider's List With Julie Moran

“… new sensibilities that will absolutely revolutionize the way home building and home buying is done.”
- FineLiving TV

A four minute video excerpt showing e-House as a leader in smart house technology; with Julie Moran of FineLiving TV and Brian Cooley of C-NET.com.

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e-House featured in Wired magazine's "Coolest Rooms on the Planet

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Beyond Tomorrow
e-House featured in New York House magazine's “e-House: Michael McDonough's State-of-the-Art Sustainable Home”

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e-House featured as exclusive web content essay at the PBS series design:e2

Read the PBS exclusive web content “e-House: Toward a Sustainable Nation” online.

Beyond Tomorrow
e-House feature on the Discovery Channel's Beyond Tomorrow

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