e-House 2000 - Lab for Living

Building Technologies & Systems

e-House is located in New York State’s Mid-Hudson Valley at the edge of the Catskill Forest Preserve. Its sculptural shape features trapezoidal “View Catcher” and “Light Catcher” rooms that protrude from the building’s rectilinear stone-clad passive solar shell. Its plan is based on a traditional great room with get-away rooms and the organizational planning and circulation patterns are uniquely based on the compression and flow as experienced in nature. e-House will function as a smart house in which all major functions are distance controlled and monitored from a Website.

An experimental radiant heating, cooling, and snowmelt system with rainwater thermal storage cisterns and heat exchangers will be the high performance centerpiece of the building. Other emerging technologies include one of the first autoclaved aerated concrete block wall systems in the United States, in conjunction with structural insulated panels, engineered lumber trusses, and a variety of new insulations.

The building also features alternate technologies (traditional building technologies) including a wood-burning Rumford fireplace and bake oven, locally-sourced Dutch Colonial-style bluestone walls, natural ventilation, and locally-milled lumber sourced from the building’s site.

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