Michael McDonough | Architect

Frogdesign, Inc. Global Corporate Headquarters

Sunnyvale, California 1994-1995

main stairs
Main Stair
Photo: Richard Barnes

Austin, Texas Chapter, American Institute of Architects Design Award 1998

A corporate identity program for the globally-based industrial design, graphics, engineering, and digital media firm frogdesign. A unique architecture is achieved through the extensive use of recycled paper panels, sisal carpets, formaldehyde-free particleboards, and recycled glass floor tiles. The entire project is configured for maximum flexibility, with future-proofed corporate intranet cabling. All project components are designed-for-disassembly and future recycling, with minimum use of composite materials and adhesives. Progressive corporate culture features such as onsite bicycle storage and daycare facilities, campus style open studios are integrated.

reception area
Reception Area
Photo: Richard Barnes
frog museum
Photo: Richard Barnes
networking column
Networking Column
Photo: Richard Barnes
display partition
Display Partition
Photo: Richard Barnes