Michael McDonough | Architect

Frogdesign, Inc. Design Offices

New York, New York 1997-1999

entry lobby
Entry Lobby
Photo: Nic Lehoux

Design Offices for the globally-based frogdesign incorporate and celebrate environmentalism and advanced computing (“green-tech”). The entire facility is future-proofed: Designed-for-disassembly, it allows for re-configuration of network cabling and partitions. At the end of the project’s useful life, efficient deconstruction can be achieved with a screwdriver and a materials list (cf. automotive disassembly using embedded chip technology).

Emergent sustainable technologies are everywhere. Partitions are post-consumer recycled-newspaper panels. Ceilings are recycled slag panels. Biotech panels made from agricultural waste (wheat straw) are used as wall panels and cabinetry. All project components have mechanical connectors rather than adhesives. Restored maple flooring, wool-sisal carpet, low-VOC paints were used throughout. Daylighting is maximized for energy-efficiency and the psychological well-being of office staff.

Walls and ceilings are leaning, skewed, or curved suggesting the intuitive, anti-Cartesian thinking of nonlinear creative models. The distinctive green, red, yellow, blue of frogdesign’s logo are used as accent colors throughout.